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wooden dowels macro photo
A close-up photo of wooden dowels, used in furniture construction, shows the horizontal lines that texture each individual dowel.  Wooden dowels are used as a way to join and reinforce certain types of woodworking projects.  You can purchase wooden dowels in a wide range of lengths and diameters, depending upon your particular needs.

Using dowels and glue has been a popular way to join furniture since the advent of handy tools such as doweling jigs and dowel centers. Joining furniture with dowels is relatively quick, easy, and also allows for some flexibility of design.

The strength of a joint using dowels will vary according to the size, spacing, and number of dowels.

For the greatest strength, a good rule of thumb is to space dowels so that there is a space of the diameter of one dowel between the edge of the board and the first dowel, and between dowels thereafter. Dowels that are placed more closely together, or too close to the edge, can result in split wood.

The size of the dowel will determine how much stress the joint can manage. Larger dowels will result in more gluing area, and will therefore provide more strength. In addition, it's very important that the dowel is cut to fit snugly into the hole. Loose-fitting dowels will result in lack of glue contact, which is critical to the joint's strength. Dowels that are fluted will cause air and extra glue to escape as they are pushed in, resulting in better adhesion.

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