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sample of walnut wood grain
A close-up photograph of walnut wood, from a black walnut tree, shows the wood grain in detail.  The textured effect of the photograph allows viewers to imagine what the wood feels like.  Run your hand along the wood plank and feel its texture.

Walnut is a medium-weight wood with good strength that is often used for making finer furniture and veneer. Because it is resistant to decay, it was used to build barns when it was more abundant. Today, walnut is not nearly as easy to find and its price reflects its demand. It is one of the more expensive woods, so today walnut is mostly used for indoor applications such as fine furniture, cabinetry, and millwork.

Walnut is brown in color, and darkens as it ages. It is a very stable wood, and often chosen by woodworkers who want to plane, carve, or turn the wood either by hand or using machinery. It is a very durable wood, and furniture made out of walnut lasts for years. Its dense and fine grain takes varnish evenly. While many people choose walnut because it is durable and easy to work with, many others choose it for its rich brown color, which lends warmth to any decor.

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