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sample of pine wood grain
A close-up photograph of a pine board focuses on the light-colored texture of the wood.  Used in a variety of applications, pine, though naturally a light-colored wood, can be stained a variety of hues.  Versatile pine can be used in everything from furniture to flooring.

While there are several different types of pine, the Eastern pine is most often used for carpentry and construction. Southern yellow pine is another type of pine that is harder than other varieties; it is stable as long as it is seasoned prior to use.

Because pine is so plentiful, it is an economical option for woodworkers building furniture, cabinets, trim, molding, and flooring.

Although pine is considered a softwood, there are hard and soft varieties of this coniferous tree. The easiest way to tell a hard pine from a soft pine is to look at the tree's needle formation. Soft pines have larger bundles of needle formations, while hard pines have smaller needle formations of two or three in a bunch.

Because of its light color, pine is best when stained. It can be stained a variety of colors to match decor.

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