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sample of oak wood grain
A close-up photograph of an oak plank showcases this hardwood, taken from an oak tree, in great detail.  One can imagine running one's hands over the wood, and can almost feel the distinctive, somewhat rough texture of it, just by viewing the photograph.

There are two types of oak wood used for woodworking.

Red oak, which comes from the eastern United States, is an open-grained wood with a slightly pinkish hue. It is a relatively hard wood, but due to its pore structure, oak is not resistant to decay. Because of this, red oak is typically used for indoor applications such as fine furniture, cabinets, flooring, and molding. Red oak is easy to work with, whether one is using a hand tool or a machine. Its open grain accepts stain evenly.

White oak, which comes from the South, South Atlantic, and Central States of the United States, is similar in appearance to red oak. However, a substance called tyloses fills the wood's pores, giving the wood watertight properties. In addition, the wood has tannic acid, which protects the wood from insects and fungi. While white oak is used in interior applications, its resistance to decay and insects makes it a good wood for outdoor applications as well.

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