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sample of mahogany wood grain
A close-up photograph of a piece of mahogany wood shows the wood grain in detail.  The shiny, multi-colored veneer plank highlights the beauty of mahogany wood.  Run your hands along the wood and feel the smooth texture.  Mahogany has a variety of applications, from fine furniture to cabinetry.

Mahogany was first discovered in the 1600s when explorers discovered the West Indies. Merchants shipped massive amounts of the wood to Europe to be used in the shipbuilding and furniture industries. Today, what is referred to as True, American, or Honduras mahogany is mostly used to build finer furniture.

American mahogany is stable, resistant to decay, and very easy to work with. Its color ranges from pinkish to dark reddish brown, and comes in a variety of grain patterns. It is easy to finish and polish, though many use a clear finish so as not to compromise its beautiful color.

Another type of mahogany is African mahogany. This slightly different species found in west-central Africa is also decay resistant, but is slightly less durable than its American cousin. It also comes in hues ranging from pinkish to dark reddish brown, and takes stain well. One of the main differences between American and African mahogany is the grain. African mahogany is known for its spectacular patterning. Because of its rarity, it is used almost exclusively for veneering.

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