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sample of cherry wood grain
A close-up photograph of cherry wood, from a cherry tree, shows the rich hardwood surface in all its detail.  The texture of the wood can be seen in the sample, and one can almost imagine the grainy feel of the beautiful cherry just by viewing the photograph.

Found in the southeastern Canada and throughout the eastern half of the United States, cherry wood, a member of the rose family, is mostly used for furniture, cabinets, architectural woodwork, and veneer panels.

Cherry is usually tan with a hint of pink when first cut, but the color quickly develops into a warm reddish-brown. Many woodworkers who use cherry choose to apply a clear finish to get the full effect of its beautiful color.

Cherry is a fairly hard wood, and it is readily worked with machines as well as with hand tools. Many woodworkers choose cherry not only because it's easy to work with, but because of its durability and stability. Once something is built out of cherry, the person who built it can rest assured that his or her craftsmanship may well be on display for generations.

In addition to furniture, cabinets, and veneer panels, cherry is often chosen for wooden ware, burial caskets, and paneling.

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Cherry Hardwood Surface